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The Speak Up, Stand out newsletter dives into evidence-based techniques for handling nerves effectively, how to practice specifically with low stakes stress to build resilience, and how to use play and games to accelerate the whole process! 

Fantastic is the word that comes to mind, when I think of Mark. Mark understands his students' current level and inspires them to scale new heights. Each session with him was an eye-opener, and the push that I got to step out of my comfort zone (which was needed) started showing results in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Mark's experiences and ability to lead by example encourages one to lose their inhibition while speaking in front of an audience. I saw a growth in my public speaking capabilities due to Mark's tutoring. I would 100% recommend him as a coach 

Allan D'Souza

I highly recommend Mark as a public speaking coach! I had the pleasure of working with him and his partner Shelley in a mastermind session and was blown away by their expertise and playful teaching style. Mark's ability to connect with his audience and create a supportive learning environment is truly impressive.

During our session, Mark provided valuable insights and practical tips for improving our public speaking skills. His approach is both fun and effective, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging.

If you're looking to improve your public speaking skills and increase your confidence in front of an audience, I highly recommend working with Mark. He is a true expert in his field and a joy to work with.

Mari-Liis Vaher

I could not wait to learn from Mark.
In every class I joined, I would think, "please, please put me into Mark's group." Previously I had seen his videos and posts in the community, and he omitted such a Jedi vibe. When I did get the opportunity to learn from him, he coached with a fusion of calmness and strength—driving straight to the core of where I was with my delivery and how I could elevate to the next level. I can't wait for the next lesson.

Amira Liese


Mark Bossert  Coach

Once upon a time, Mark was struggling with social anxiety, manifesting in blushing and uneasiness in public settings. He tried various strategies such as therapy and exposure, but little improvement was seen.

Mark discovered the world of self-help, diving into NLP, Primal Scream therapy, and hypnosis. Through his journey, he provided one-on-one support to hundreds of individuals.

During the pandemic, however, Mark found an innovative solution: online improv games. He became a certified Ultraspeaking coach, assisting numerous people in both group and one-on-one settings.

Now, Mark is dedicated to studying and apply additional methods to alleviate social anxiety, foster connections, and cultivate resilience. His approach is grounded in research from prestigious universities.

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